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Thermal Camera Face Recognition System

Thermal Camera Face Recognıtıon System
  • Thermal camera face recognition system is a system that creates a face structure by measuring the face image of the person with all its proportions (forehead, eyes, nose, mouth). This measurement is recorded in the system and when the person comes back to the camera, a new image is matched with the registered face in the system, thereby ensuring their recognition. The thermal camera adds an additional feature to it. The camera measures the body temperature while recording data to identify people. Thanks to the infrared lens, the camera can accurately measure the temperature of the person and the surrounding air and the difference between them.

    Where are Thermal Camera Systems Used?

    Areas where thermal cameras are used; military zones, energy institutions, health sector, electrical facilities and industrial establishments.Its use for security purposes is seen in the military and safety. It is especially useful in studies aimed at identifying people and determining their locations in large lands. It is used in energy institutions to detect heat leaks in areas that should be kept cold and hot.It is used in the health sector to detect people’s fever measurements. It is used to detect electrical leakage and malfunctions in electrical facilities, production and distribution processes. Its use in industrial establishments is the determination of technical failures such as the application of electricity and power in the working mechanics of machines.

    What Is The Use Of The Thermal Camera Face Recognition System In The Health Sector?

    Thermal camera face recognition systems have become important and functional with the increase of epidemic diseases recently. This device has a great function especially in detecting Corona virus called Covid-19. It is very successful to use in large venues and in busy places with high human traffic. It is possible to install and use shopping malls, hospitals, airports, intercity bus terminals, schools, city squares, entrance sections of buildings, public institutions, hotels, factories and any conceivable point. Since the first indicator of corona virus is fever, fever measurement is important in the detection of this disease. Thanks to the thermal feature of these camera systems, both by measuring the fire from the eye edges of people and thanks to the face recognition feature It facilitates the detection and detection of high fever person profiles by recording in the system.

    These people are separated from the society and taken to the hospital, and the transmission of the disease to other people is prevented at an early stage.

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