Handheld Fever Meter Thermal Camera

Handheld fever meter thermal camera are portable devices manufactured to measure the temperature of objects and living things. With the increase of epidemics recently, the interest in such devices has increased. Because one of the first symptoms in the diagnosis of Covid-19 type diseases is high fever. These devices make a great contribution in detecting the fevers of people.


What are the Benefits of the HandHeld Fever Meter Thermal Camera?


The functions of handheld fever meter thermal cameras are seen in many sectors. It is of vital importance in the health sector and has a great contribution in preventing the detection and spread of diseases. The benefits of handheld thermal cameras are:

1- It is a portable device as it is used as hand type. Therefore, it is possible to use it in any environment. It is convenient, practical and functional, especially since it does not require a fixed installation on roads and open areas.

2- It is easier to isolate the person who has high fever, since the temperature is measured by coming to the sides of the individuals.

3- It is more sterile than other fever detection devices since contactless measurement is provided. And there is no risk of carrying interpersonal diseases.

4- In chemical laboratories, substances have great benefits in measuring food temperatures in the cookery sector, determining the location of electrical and heat leaks in buildings, and measuring humidity.

5- It has great benefit in heat and electricity distribution measurements in industrial facilities and in preventing disasters such as breakdown and fire.


What are the Features of the Hand-held Fever Meter Thermal Cameras?


Handheld fever meter cameras detect the infrared energy emitted by all objects and living things. This detection turns into a measurement and infrared data is reflected on the electronic display as a value. Thermal cameras have a certain temperature range. It senses the heat in this range as wavelength thanks to its IR emissions and converts it into data.

Handheld fever meter cameras are devices that can also measure in the dark. It is among the ease of use that it is not affected by weather conditions. It creates a warning in the detection of high temperatures with the alarm system. The measurement time takes 1-2 seconds. They are devices that can hold a certain number of measurements in their memory. In this way, the data can be averaged in the measurements or this feature can be provided with ease in reporting.