Thermal Camera System

The use of the thermal camera system is becoming more and more common in the world and in our country. Fever meter cameras are used in many areas such as military security, industrial applications, electricity and heat leak detection and health. Especially recently when epidemics have increased, diseased people are detected thanks to the camera measuring body temperature and these people are separated from others and the spread of the disease is prevented. Therefore, the function of these cameras becomes vital and it contributes at a point that closely affects the health of the society.

How does the thermal camera system work?

The thermal camera system detects the heat in the people by scanning the people in the environment in the field of vision and determines the degree by creating temperature data. This system uses the temperature data in the eye’s inner corner to perform the measurement.It assigns to the system in degrees and the people whose fever is above normal value are identified and separated and isolated from the environment. Cameras that measure body temperature are set to measure between 30 and 45 degrees. These cameras, which provide a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, must make very precise measurements in order to present healthy data.

These cameras, which cannot see behind the walls, behind the glass, can measure the temperature of everything unless there is a set in front of them. In the system, the colors such as blue, purple, orange, red and dark red are used according to the degree of fire by specifying the person silhouettes.

Where is the thermal camera system used?

Thermal camera system (fever meter thermal camera) are the systems which are becoming more and more common.It is preferred to be used in crowded places where people are located. Due to the increase of epidemic diseases, the demand for these cameras has increased and its use has become widespread in crowded places. Thermal cameras are used especially at the entrances of shopping malls, public institutions, hospitals, airports, bus stations, schools, factories.

It is used for the purpose of detecting the presence of persons in large areas and areas that are difficult to see, for military security purposes.In marine, it is used to detect icebergs and military ships in the water. It helps to find electrical and heat losses in buildings. In addition, thanks to these cameras in the medical sector, it is used for human and animal tissue damage detection and fever measurement purposes.

Fever Meter Thermal Camera System

Unfortunately, due to some diseases, there is a constant increase in demand for some devices. Depending on the progressive population increase, intensive studies in the health sector continue with the recent increase in diseases. As such, they now measure fever due to infectious diseases such as covid 19, which is one of the most common viruses, and there are intensive studies on contactless healthcare equipment. Especially recently, the fever meter thermal camera system, which has been demanded continuously, is always carried out with digital screens of the fever measurement system with camera systems.

Healthier steps with fever meter thermal camera system

Fever determination are always correctly detected with fever meters. The fever meter thermal camera systems, which measure the human body temperature in particular, are extremely sensitive. You can supply these products by our company in line with your demands. Thermal camera systems are used extensively in almost every industry. In the health sector, there is intensive and continuous use. Temperature measurement is done with cameras from every angle.

Here it is a device that is sensitive to temperatures, usually in the range of 30 and 45 degrees. On the other hand, it is used in many areas of the market, from industry to other sector. It is a special tool that is highly used due to its heat sensitivity and special camera system. Thanks to precise measurements, these products, which constantly appeal to people in every segment, are highly demanded by everyone, especially in the health sector.

With fever meter camera systems, you can continue your healthy life without fear. The device, which creates great awareness in infectious diseases, provides a lot of convenience.If you want to have these products, you can come to our company and have them with affordable prices. This technology, which provides great convenience in all areas from health to defense, will cause great convenience in your life. It will provide a different perspective to your workplaces and your business, especially when these epidemic diseases travel around the world, it offers you a different safety method. You are welcome to contact for detailed information sharing.