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Dahua Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras are devices that are used in a wide variety of industries and have the task of measuring the temperature of objects and people. Infrared thermal heat is emitted from every object or person that the human eye cannot see. Thermal cameras detect this temperature and determine its degree, and complete the task by displaying the colors and shapes on the screens offering detailed data.

Its use for military purposes is beneficial in ensuring security and identifying people in large areas. Industrially, it helps to prevent production losses in factories and to determine electricity and heat leaks. In the field of health, it is useful to measure the fever of animals or humans and to determine body temperatures.

How is Dahua Thermal Camera Used in Healthcare Industry?

The use of Dahua thermal imagers in the health sector has become widespread with the increase of Covid-19 disease, which has recently spread. Dahua thermal cameras measure the body temperatures by detecting the individuals in the field of view one by one in areas where people are crowded (shopping mall, airport, bus station, building, official institution entrances, factory, hospital, etc.) in the detection of this disease.

This measurement is created with the temperature data measured from the inner corner of the eyes. In this way, it is easy to identify people with high fever and identify patients. These devices, which have an important function such as detection of the disease and preventing the spread of individuals by separation, serve on a issue concerning the public and human health.

What are the Features of Dahua Thermal Cameras?

Dahua thermal imagers are extremely practical and useful devices in terms of reliable results, easy installation and functionality. Dahua thermal camera operate on the condition that there is no obstacle (glass, wall, screen, etc.) in all the desired areas. It is seen to be used especially in areas where individual control is difficult and crowded human traffic is experienced. It is possible to work actively at night and in a light-free environment as well as during the day.

It works without being affected by weather conditions such as rain, fog and wind. It has the ability to measure many creatures at the same time, quickly, without contact. Due to its sensitive measurement feature, the margin of error is almost non-existent. It has the feature of giving alarm when it encounters a temperature above the specified temperature measurement. Thanks to its high resolution feature, it is easy to identify people by taking a clear view.