Fever Meter Face Recognition System

Fever Meter Face Recognition System

The fever meter face recognition system is dual function devices. It özgü both facial recognition and the ability to measure a person’s body temperature. They are functional cameras with high functionality since they fulfill these two functions in the fastest and most accurate way. Uses of the fever meter face recognition systems are mostly crowded places. It can be used in many areas such as factory entrances, public institutions, shopping malls, hospitals, market and site entrances.


What are the Benefits of the Fever Meter Face Recognition Systems?


The fever meter face recognition system provides many benefits according to its function and technical features. These benefits are:

1- They are devices suitable for hygiene since they are defined and measured without contact. Since the use of the device is remote, it is extremely suitable for protecting human health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

2- As it performs fever measurements detects who are at risk of carrying an epidemic and warns the control personnel with the alarm system.

3- Thanks to the superior facial recognition system, people can identify and control them even if they are masked.

4- With this system installed at the entrances of the workplaces, the attendance polls of the employees are made and fever measurements are performed.

5- These are the systems where accurate information can be provided for building daily reports at the entrance of the building. 

6- They are devices that can work without being affected by weather conditions. Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind or temperature do not prevent the device from working. It can be used outdoors or inside the building.

7- In places where designated people can enter the buildings, thanks to the face recognition feature, the entrance of turnstiles is prevented by preventing people from entering other than these people, the protection and security feature is also provided.

Where is the Fever Meter Face Recognition System Sold?

Fever meter face recognition systems; It can be purchased from e-commerce sites selling electronic goods, from dealers selling electronic cameras and imaging systems. It is among the criteria to be considered that the products purchased are guaranteed, ease of installation and availability.

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