Fever Meter Face Recognition Device

Fever Meter Face Recognition Device

The fever meter face recognition device is a device used for the purpose of detecting the identities of people for security purposes and measuring their fever in places where people live or work. Thanks to these devices, personnel and person tracking is done quickly and easily. At the same time, people at risk of disease are identified and precautions are taken. Since the two features are used together, they are devices with high functionality value. They are also cameras that reduce human labor and save time because they work in harmony with door opening and barrier systems.


Where is the Fever Meter Face Recognition Device Used?

The use of these cameras is becoming more and more common. Especially in buildings where hundreds of people live, such as collective sites, residences; It is used in buildings with many people and employees such as hospitals, shopping malls, public institutions, factories, industrial facilities, military security areas, consular buildings, dormitories.


What are the Advantages of Fever Meter Face Recognition Devices?

There are many advantages provided by the fever meter face recognition system:

1- They are cameras that comply with cleaning standards since person recognition and fire measurement are made without contact. There is no risk of transmitting disease.

2- People with high fever and people with unknown face are prevented from entering the structure because of this device. Security is informed with the alarm system provided by the device and barriers are not opened for passage. It özgü the advantage of providing superior security service.

3- Even if people are masked, they are devices that have no margin of error and are not mistaken due to their ability to identify them.

4- Its usage at the entrance of the workplaces also provides the advantage of personnel tracking. Therefore, polling is done and this data can be used for reporting.

5- They are devices that can work in the dark or light.

6- It saves time due to rapid measurement and recognition, and prevents accumulation of people in the entrances.

7- They are devices that can work without being affected by weather conditions. Negative weather conditions do not interfere with the operation of the device. It is not affected by conditions such as rain, wind, fog.

8- The device can be used mobile or mounted.

9- They take up little space. Therefore, it özgü practical use.

10- Thanks to this device, since there is less need for security personnel, personnel are saved.